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This website contains a lot of information, both professional and personal and will be updated on a regular basis. In the professional section you can find a CV / resumé and a list of publications.

In the personal section (to be developped further) you'll find photo books, information about hobbies etc.




Since 1 February 2012 I'm seconded from the Flemish Government (Belgium) to the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Working as a project manager "Water and Vulnerability" I'm mainly dealing with the flooding, water scarcity and droughts and link water and climate change (adaptation).

More info about the EEA can be found at:



Fatima Center


The family Vanneuville founded the Vriendenkring Fatima Center vzw, a local ngo supporting educational projects in Thailand.


We're organising fundraising activities and sell their products on fairs and through their website.


More information (in Dutch) about this ngo and their activities can be found at:



For always roaming with a hungry heart

Lord Alfred Tennyson, “Ulysses”